Sport Coaching

Clinic, corsi di aggiornamento, seminari di formazione ed altre attività di insegnamento diretto:

Novembre 2015

Erasmus Plus – Vi Ability ( & Coaching Calcio Italia
Football educational programme
Attività di formazione di 13 studenti provenienti dall’ Inghilterra, nell’ area metodologica inerente la tecnica, la tattica e la performance, per un totale di 6 incontri in 9 giorni. Tali studenti, che partecipavano al progetto Erasmus Plus. Questo programma, è il programma dell’Unione europea per l’Istruzione, la Formazione, la Gioventù e lo Sport 2014-2020. In ambito sportivo, il programma si concentra su progetti transnazionali volti a sostenere gli sport a tutti i lievelli, e ad affrontare le sfide transfrontaliere quali contrastare le partite truccate, il doping, la violenza e il razzismo, nonché promuovere il buon governo, la parità di genere, l’inclusione sociale e l’attività fisica per tutti.

May 2015

Sampdoria – Serie A – Coaches’ update
Technical training to the coach of the youth sector, about the small side game under the aegis of Sampdoria Sports Director Invernizzi.

June – March 2015

Perugia Calcio, Serie B – Coaches’ update

Course about Soccer Technical Specialization, under the aegis of Perugia Calcio General Manager Mauro Lucarini. The lesson was held in Renato Curi, one of the most important stadiums of Italy.

August – December 2014

Pordenone Calcio, Lega Pro – Coaches’ continuous update

30 hours of soccer coaching, lesson and plans related to advanced skills including ball mastery, defensive and attacking system. Even Antonio Cincotta teaches  “how to create a lesson plan”, “combination play in the final third” and some cases about “team building strategy”.

April 2015

Pescara Calcio, Serie B – Coaches’ update of the youth and academy sectors

Two days full time plan organized by Pescara Calcio about skills including: 1 vs 1, defending high balls and “ the concept of triangle”.

June 2015

Ravenna Calcio, Serie D – Coaches’ update

Coaching “from ball mastery to group attack”. Davide Ballardini’s Serie A Italian Head Coach first assistant Professor Stefano Melandri participated.

December 2014

Mantova Calcio, Serie B – Coaches’ update of the youth and academy sector 

More than 80 coaches and sports trainers attended the soccer lesson by coach Antonio Cincotta about Coerver Coaching in  Martelli Stadium. Sport director Christian Botturi satisfactorily declared: “I’m really happy beacause many coaches have decided to participate”.

February 2014

Coaching Calcio Italia

In 2014 Antonio Cincotta was nominated “National Training Manager of Coerver Coaching” by prof. Paolo Gatti (Università Statale) and Luca Frigerio, directors of Coaching Italia.
He received important tasks, including coaching clinics and specializations in prestigious professional clubs such as Sampdoria, Pescara, Perugia, Mantova, Pordenone and Catania.

Luglio 2013

Whitman College, Walla Walla University – Selection Player Assistant

In the prestigious university in the state of Washington (US) Anthony Cincotta has supported the selection of female football team of college, Division 2, for the season 2013 / 2014. He proposed a series of technical exercises, tactical and strategic. These are the words with which Stanley Holmen, President PS Premier League has appreciated the ‘work of Mister Antonio Cincotta:

We are very pleased with the success of our first PSPL Academy College ID Camp at Whitman College,” said Stanley Holmes, president of the Puget Sound Premier League. “Much of this success is due to the excellent coaches that have shared their knowledge with the players over the past three days. AC Seattle coach Antonio Cincotta has been one of those coaches. He has introduced a whole new way of thinking about the game, asking the girls to play more technically and to embrace an Italian-Barcelona style of play of short passing and constant movement. We need more of this style in America, and with Antonio’s guidance and instruction, the girls here at the ID camp have begun to learn this technical style from one of the best women’s coaches in Italy. It has been a real joy to watch the girls embrace his methods — and even better — to watch them improve and learn new skills.”

Giugno 2013

Puget Sound Premier League 2013, Washington State, USA

Antonio Cincotta delivered a lecture about “Rotations of central midfielders and times for triangle” in the PSPL master together with internationally renowned soccer coaches such as W.Harrison (Barcelona Academy), J.Tipping (NSCAA Soccer Courses) and L.Gallimore ( Seattle University).

January 2012

Centro Sportivo Italiano
Since 2012 he has been coaching trainer of the CSI in seminaries for soccer coaches.

March 2010

Casa di reclusione di Bollate
It ‘was a lecturer, chosen by the Olympic Committee, the technical course for inmates, whose name was “able and strong”, then presented the “Master Executive Sport” in November 2010
Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano, School of Sport

January 2010

CONI, Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano, scuola dello sport

In 2010 he was appointed (N ° 194SRds / MR) Expert Professor by the “School of Sport” and was entrusted many training courses.

Aprile 2009

Palazzo Reale – Energia è vita

It ‘been a speaker together with the’ AD Enervit Sorbini, the late Prof.. Enrico Arcellis, and all ‘Councillor Landi in the conference for the project “Energy is Life”.

The purpose of the project was to bring those kids from the Lombardy region and their families to healthy lifestyles and environmentally friendly.
To achieve this aim was offered to children between 7 and 15 years the possibility of access to an instrument of control of their state of health through growth and anthropometric measurements such as weight, height, derived measures and some physiological parameters.

The pilot project (September 2009-April 2010) predicted in 2009 screening of 400 athletes enrolled in the school football at Milan Masseroni; the second step saw instead the involvement of families with the follow up on the medical examination, indicating – if necessary – further study. The third step (May 2010 – May 2011) has finally planned enlargement of the check up to 3,000 children of schools and sports clubs of the City of Milan.
Also it included the creation of a TV commercial in order to spread the message among boys “Live sports from growing health” through popular testimonial which the player Maurizio Ganz and the basketball champion Peater NAOMOSKI.
Antonio was the project leader of this unique and important sports project, creating the design up to ‘implementation.

May 2009

Lecturer together with the head coach of the Polish National Team Zmuda for a course reserved for Warsaw soccer trainers.

Novembre 2008

“Studio, Gioco e mi diverto”, nell’ anno 2007 2008 è stato ideatore e fondatore del progetto “STUDIO, GIOCO E MI DIVERTO”, RIVOLTO ALLE SCUOLE ELEMENTARI. Docenti di attività motoria forniti dalla scuola calcio Masseroni Marchese, per la quale Cincotta era D.G, qualificati e riconosciuti dal Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano hanno insegnato sport nelle classi elementari, durante il normale orario scolastico, in collaborazione con il corpo insegnanti.