The Dutch method Coerver Coaching first analyzes the major players through videos and comes to the conclusion that many of their skill in one on one and in control of the ball can be cut up and taught to many players. From these few moves of the big players, Wiel Coerver and its president they conceived hundreds of individual exercises and group becoming Coerver Coaching method. The method has been approved by many famous players and coaches at the international level, including Franz Beckenbauer and Karl Heinz Rummennigge of West Germany, Peter Beardsley of Liverpool, Newcastle and England, Gordon Strachan Leeds United and Scotland, John Collins of Celtic Roberto Rivelino of Brazil, Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, Inter and Ireland Liam Brady and Anson Dorance, coach of the women’s national team that in 1991 won the World Cup. The method is now in Italy with the ‘intuition of prof. Paul Gatti and is used by: Arsenal, Real Madrid, French Football Federation, Football Federation of Australia, Chinese Football Association, Japanese Football Association, Bayern Munich FC, Newcastle United FC. Alfred Galustian is co-founder and international director of network Coerver Coaching. Antonio Cincotta is Senior Trainer Mnager for the “Italy Program”